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    AGCO - Massey Ferguson

    Tractor Solutions for Road Maintenance, Snow Removal, Mowing and More.

    How do I place an order for a Massey Ferguson tractor?
    You must be a registered OMNIA Partners participant to utilize the AGCO Massey Ferguson contract. If you are not, please register now. There is no cost for membership, no user fees or commitments. OMNIA Partners is open to states, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and special districts. Our tractors are sold through authorized Massey Ferguson dealers. To find a dealer or distributor near you, visit https://www.masseyferguson.us/find-a-dealer.html and contact the dealer directly. Our dealers have a great level of knowledge in regards to our equipment and can provide assistance with specifications and configuration assistance. Many of our dealers have equipment in stock and can make arrangements for you to view. Working through our dealers help ensure the proper equipment for your application and ensure you have the proper ordering, pricing and shipping information.

    Where can I find a dealer?
    To find a dealer or distributor near you, visit https://www.masseyferguson.us/find-a-dealer.html and contact the dealer directly.

    What products are in the US communities contract?
    Massey Ferguson and Challenger Tractors, along with a wide range if implements.

    Why should I buy from AGCO?
    Massey Ferguson has a long history with over 100 years in machinery production. In that time we have introduced many innovations that are industry leaders today with over 600 dealers within the United States to service your every need. In addition, we have 200 corporate field staff to support our dealers and you.

    Do you lease products?

    Who do I issue the Purchase order to?
    All purchase orders should be submitted to the local authorized Massey Ferguson dealer of your choice.

    Where do I find pricing info?
    To view pricing, log-in to your account using your password. If you don't have a password, please click on request contact and an AGCO Corp representative will contact you. You can also contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer, visiting https://www.masseyferguson.us/find-a-dealer.html directly and they will be happy to help you determine pricing, equipment options and spec information. Working with your local dealer will ensure you have the proper ordering and pricing information. If you are unable to determine how to place an order through one of our dealers, please contact us at omniapartners@agcocorp.com or call toll free 1-800-972-9426 for prompt assistance.

    Are there any other discounts in addition to the pricing available?
    We have provided OMNIA Partners a discount from list price in order to calculate the selling price. Freight, prep and delivery is not included.

    Shipping freight, prep and delivery will be determined by dealer/customer location, type and size of equipment. These charges will be in addition to the calculated selling price from list.
    Who do I contact for: inquiries and literature requests, contract information, place orders service calls and general program information, unresolved dealer service issues?
    Contact your nearest dealer of choice. Visit https://www.masseyferguson.us/find-a-dealer.html