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    AgreeYa offers participating OMNIA Partners public entities a range of staffing services to help you recruit and manage talent in a prompt, cost-effective, and streamlined manner. For more than 2 decades, AgreeYa has operated as a trusted workforce solutions provider and strategic partner to our clients globally. We deliver a wide variety of customized Staffing Services with our specialized delivery methodologies and innovative access to talent. With specialists in each industry and skill category working 24x7, our talent acquisition experts will make the best talent match for your requirement.

    So, here is a brief about our comprehensive and full-service of staffing services-

    • Contract staffing - AgreeYa’s Contract Staffing solution is one of our most innovative staffing solutions to meet the fluctuating talent needs of the new-age organizations. Contract staffing is the best staffing solution for short-term projects and seasonal hiring.
    • Contract-to-hire staffing - This is another state-of-the-art staffing solution that is in demand to fulfill short-term positions with a possibility for the candidates of getting permanently hired after the contract ends. 
    • Borderless Workforce - With our Borderless Workforce staffing solution, companies get an opportunity to fill their immediate open positions with our pool of remote workers. This is the best staffing solution for companies looking for temporary and consulting professionals. 
    • Permanent Staffing - AgreeYa stands apart with more than two decades of experience in providing full-time staff that promise skill, potential, and attitude that will most fitting for your company. 
    • Project Staffing - AgreeYa understands the needs of the companies for specific projects and addresses them through a Project Staffing solution that provides project-specific professionals. 
    • Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions - AgreeYa through its Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions takes the responsibility of making your projects successful. By utilizing our CMMI and ISO certified delivery and quality framework to deliver SoW based projects and focus on saving costs.