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    Affordable Interior Systems, Inc. (AIS)

    Furniture, Installation and Related Services

    Ordering Information

    How do I place an order with AIS?
    Your AIS Representative will work with you to locate an AIS Authorized dealer. Who can provide design, ordering, pricing and installation. Working with your local dealer will ensure you have the proper ordering and pricing information.

    Need support or have a question?
    Contact us for the OMNIA Partners discount program! Email omniapartners@ais-inc.com or call toll-free 800.434.7400 for assistance.

    How can I find a local AIS representative?
    Find a Rep

    Who do I issue the purchase order to?
    Purchase orders should be issues to your local AIS authorized dealer. Services are available from the local dealer directly in accordance with the OMNIA Partners program pricing. The local selling dealer is responsible for typical order management, order acknowledgment, warranty/service, and orientation functions.

    Are there other discounts in addition to the pricing available?
    Please contact us for discount pricing. For orders over $500,000 please contact your local AIS Representative.

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