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    Office Furniture and Filing Systems; Furniture and Installation

    When office design is purposeful, the result is inspiring.


    At Allsteel, great office design transcends any particular type of style. We believe, that our office furniture products should address and solve workplace problems. So our furniture is made to improve productivity, make offices more efficient, increase comfort, and make day-to-day tasks that much easier. Which helps the people who use it to stay focused on the important stuff. Because we have integrated Rapid Continuous Improvement, environmental awareness, recycling, and conscientious materials selection, Allsteel products contribute not just to this lifetime, but the next as well.

    We have distinguished ourselves with award-winning products, and were the first office furniture manufacturer to have all products certified either Indoor Advantage or Indoor Advantage Gold and BIFMA level, and the majority of our line can contribute to LEED-CI credits. 

    At Allsteel, good design is functionally made beautiful. 

    We deliver a comprehensive line of furniture and systems.

    We make a full line of contract office furnishings, including systems, seating, casegoods, tables, and accessories. The basic line includes:

    • Architectural Walls
    • Open Plan/Systems
    • Private Office
    • Seating
    • Storage
    • Tables
    • Collaboration
    • Accessories
    • Textiles and Finishes


    Allsteel is committed to true sustainability that combines social, environmental, and economic components. Every Allsteel process, practice, and product is designed to eliminate waste, maximize productivity, and set an example of corporate social responsibility. We’ve provided you with a virtual learning center containing background information, articles, and documents – all the essentials you’ll need to help customers make wise choices about their office furniture projects. At Allsteel, we believe that together, if we widen our view, we can make a real and lasting difference for our environment.

    A good place for you and your customers to start is with the Project Decision Tree, especially helpful for customers unsure if they want to just be "green" or try to qualify for LEED certification. Following these steps prompts you to ask your customers the right questions to help them decide the best path for them. The LEED section is crucial in determining furniture’s role in LEED projects, and should be the go-to source for dealers and customers traveling this path together. Another relevant resource is a section explaining BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association) level certification, a stringent and important standard which will direct the future of sustainability for the entire office furniture industry. 


    Never Sit Still.

    We believe there’s always a better way to improve workplace efficiency and foster teamwork; another possibility to find office furniture solutions that increase your bottom line and deliver long-term value; a new opportunity to help you be more effective. Which means you’ll have everything you need to make exciting discoveries of your own. So as you forge new frontiers and confront your daily challenges, know that we’re here. Relentlessly seeking new ways to help you get wherever it is you want to go.

    Discovering new workplace solutions starts with learning about your challenges and your needs today, and in the future. Because of this unique approach to office furniture design, we are rewarded with customer loyalty and trust. If you ask your customers, they'll tell you. It's the people of Allsteel that make the difference.