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    Phone: Toll Free at 844-768-8244
    Fax: 202-380-0814
    E-mail: uscommunities@alvarezandmarsal.com
    Website: https://www.alvarezandmarsal.com/industries/public-sector/public-sector-us-communities  

    Getting Started 

    To utilize the Fairfax County contract with A&M, you must be registered as a participating agency. To get started, call 844-768-8244 or REQUEST CONTACT.


    A&M has committed to providing participating agencies with our lowest public sector pricing for our consulting services.


    A&M FAQs

    Who is A&M? 
    A&M’s Public Sector Services consulting group was launched in 2003 to serve the unique needs of government, focusing on government-wide turnaround strategies, health and human services solutions, and K-12 turnaround initiatives.  As a leading public sector consultant for entities at the municipal, state and federal levels, A&M goes beyond providing recommendations. We work with a range of state and city offices and agencies, municipalities, health and human services departments, and state and local education authorities to design and implement reforms. Whether the mission involves creating a government efficiency initiative, redesigning an ineffective Medicaid system, or reevaluating a school’s budget to fully leverage its resources, A&M brings a sense of urgency to every situation, a pragmatic, hands-on approach and a relentless focus on execution, accountability and results. Our services enable government entities, organizations and leaders to solve complex problems, to improve performance, to maximize value for citizens and to produce a social impact.

    What kinds of solutions does A&M offer?
    A&M’s work as a public sector consultant includes 13 states, multiple cities, school districts and universities. We have helped government officials better serve their constituents by streamlining operations, managing their budgets effectively and improving performance – finding ways to accomplish their mission while being prudent stewards of taxpayers’ money. Among our public sector consulting services:

    • Performing budgetary and operational reviews, designed to help government agencies function more effectively and efficiently.
    • Serving in interim management or crisis management roles to provide short-term leadership.
    • Providing recommendations for action, designing detailed implementation plans and working side-by-side with government officials to put those plans into effect.
    • Identifying and implementing significant and immediate cost savings for entities which are facing fiscal crises, while building consensus and support among stakeholders.
    • Assessing operations to find cross-agency efficiencies and economies of scale.
    • Maximizing federal funding and identifying opportunities for improving non-tax revenues.
    • Providing expertise in virtually every governmental function, ranging from benefits to transportation to healthcare to public safety.
    • Standing behind our recommendations in public when the situation calls for it, before legislative bodies or in the media.

    What do A&M’s fiscal and operational solutions entail?
    A&M’s solutions drive financial, budget and process improvements, supporting efficient and effective management of government, not for profit and education organizations and programs. Our projects maximize financial, human capital and other resources to transform programs and institute fiscal control. Our experienced leaders serve in critical management roles on an as-needed basis and testify on behalf of clients to legislatures, boards and executives.

    What makes A&M different and better?
    A&M’s experience, as a leading public sector consulting group working to improve the operations of numerous governmental and corporate entities, provides a unique perspective and enables us to identify opportunities that might be overlooked by others.  We go beyond developing recommendations and reports – we design reforms and work side by side with our clients to implement them.  And we create a roadmap forward for the agencies we work with, enabling them to continue serving their stakeholders effectively and efficiently into the future.

    Among the attributes that set us apart are:

    • Combination of public and private sector experience
    • Depth of knowledge that enables us to recommend best practices used in other jurisdictions
    • Ability to support our clients’ efforts publicly, with an understanding of political and regulatory issues as well as the media
    • Reputation for solving the most complex problems and managing the most challenging situations, from insolvencies to natural disasters