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    Software for Grant Maker Success

    At AmpliFund, we understand how crucial the funds you allocate are to both yours and your recipient’s missions. Therefore, if you are struggling to stay on top of your grants, you need a centralized platform through which you can properly track and draw down the funds you award. AmpliFund is designed to help Grant Makers like yourself better manage your recipients, remain compliant, and expand your capacity.

    Amplify Your Funding Impact

    As a configurable, purpose-built platform, with AmpliFund you can manage thousands of grants a year, all from one dashboard. So whether you are a Grant Maker who simply needs to manage pre-award processes or if you need to manage funds through closeout, moving from outdated systems to Grant Management Software will improve your visibility, transparency, and communication.

    Maximize Efficiency With Purpose-Built Features

    AmpliFund comes equipped with functions and features that allow you to easily see results of the funds you allocate and streamline processes between your team and your recipients. 

    With AmpliFund, as a Grant Maker you can:

    • Measure the performance of allocated funds                                                                                         
    • Clearly define grant parameters
    • Efficiently score grant applications
    • Quickly produce comprehensive reports
    • Maintain compliance with results-based legislation

    And to cater to the varying needs of organizations, AmpliFund offers Grant Maker product solutions in three tiers: Core, Advanced, and Enterprise.