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    Software for Lifecycle Success

    As an organization that plays the roles of both Grant Maker and Grant Seeker, you are constantly facing an overload of grant management tasks and, as a result, may be making costly missteps. To ensure accuracy, you need a more efficient solution for handling all of your grant management responsibilities. A centralized platform like AmpliFund will help you establish transparency from start to finish, maximize the effectiveness of every grant dollar, and eliminate silos while promoting communication.

    Amplify Your Impact

    With twice the amount of grant responsibilities, you need a system that will simplify the tedious, complicated process of grant management so you can better propel your mission. As an end-to-end, purpose-built platform, AmpliFund will allow you to easily track and measure the performance of both the funds you give and receive as well as increase grant transparency from pre-award activities to post-award grant closeout. And if are monitoring recipients and sub-recipients while you are also allocating and receiving your own funds, AmpliFund will provide your organization with singular space for everyone to correspond.

    Give More to Your Mission with Purpose-Built Features

    If you choose to make the move from legacy systems and paperwork to AmpliFund, you can vastly improve how you manage any form of grant funding by automating tasks through our central hub. Specifically, with AmpliFund, if you manage the full grant lifecycle, you can:

    • Plan program goals
    • Collect and evaluate grant applications
    • Manage and submit payment requests
    • Quickly produce comprehensive reports
    • Maintain compliance with results-based funding

    And to cater to the varying needs of organizations, AmpliFund offers Lifecycle product solutions in two tiers: Advanced and Enterprise.