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    Software to Help You Achieve Your Mission

    At AmpliFund, we are creating a better world by simplifying business processes and amplifying grant resources to accelerate missions globally. From our start in 2011 until now, our goal at AmpliFund has always been to help customers maximize funding outcomes, meet performance standards and increase accountability by providing the tools and resources to take on complex – and often tedious – grant management processes.

    A System Catered to Your Industry

    The leading, purpose-built grant management software, AmpliFund is tailored to the nuances of various industries. As such, we serve clients ranging from government entities, to healthcare institutions, to nonprofits, to educational institutions. Given our breadth of our customer base, we have proven success in improving the management of grant portfolios of all sizes and of varying complexities.

    A Configurable Platform Covering the Entire Grant Lifecycle

    Our centralized, cloud-based platform covers the full grant lifecycle and will save you time and resources on grant management activities through functionality such as configurable workflows, payment management, and new revenue generation. In particular, Amplifund will help your organization:

    • Drive efficiencies
    • Automate hundreds of traditionally time-consuming administrative tasks
    • Simplify reporting
    • Build regulatory compliance into core operations

    We are also proud to offer you a tailored grant solution with unlimited user access to each, at an appropriate price.

    We look forward to helping you achieve your mission.

    The AmpliFund Difference

    Since 2011 AmpliFund has led the grant management industry in maximizing grant results, helping clients meet their performance standards, and increasing compliance so organizations can achieve their missions. Over the years we have made our mark as the leading purpose-built, out-of-the-box grant management platform designed for government entities, nonprofits, higher education institutions, and more to manage every phase of the grant lifecycle, under one single solution.

    True Grant Management Technology  
    AmpliFund is a true end-to-end, cloud-based grant management platform. Many other vendors will pass along tremendous costs by extending an existing platform’s capabilities to cover grant management. AmpliFund, however, is a grant management solution built specifically to manage grants and Federal funding. AmpliFund also provides both depth and flexibility when it comes to product functionality so that your organization can maximize every grant dollar, through one solution.

    Implementation Expertise  
    AmpliFund implementations have proven success in terms of timing, budget, and knowledge transfer. We have developed our implementation approach by performing hundreds of implementations at the State, local government, and organizational level. We also build in flexibility so we can adjust our approach to best fit your implementation scenario. Lastly, since AmpliFund is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based solution that is highly configurable, the speed with which we can deploy your product is much faster than non-grant management-specific solutions.

    Unlimited Licensing Model  
    Typical grant management solutions employ a per-user pricing model, which can become costly over time and ends up restricting access for your internal and external users. AmpliFund allows for unlimited users and usage of AmpliFund to ensure all of your stakeholders will have access to and gain value from the AmpliFund solution. This includes unlimited applicant and sub-recipient users as well. In addition, because your organizational needs are constantly changing, AmpliFund grants you access to configure unlimited workflows and business processes, forms and applications, dashboards and reports, and more to meet those needs.

    One Consistent Annual Cost 
    Our goal in our pricing model is to give a consistent, stable, appropriate price that you can budget for annually while still accounting for the complexity of your grant portfolio. Our goal is to decrease your overall cost so you can maximize the value of every grant dollar your organization manages.  

    Organizational Responsiveness for Changing Legislation 
    AmpliFund has been a leader in the push for improved transparency and accountability related to grants. Our team members have been involved with legislative grant management and reporting initiatives on Capitol Hill, including in the creation of the Grant Reporting Efficiency and Agreements Transparency Act (GREAT Act) and OMB Uniform Grant Guidance, involvement in advocacy groups, and production of educational content. Our goal is to always be at the forefront of supporting your compliance and to give you and your recipients’ the ability to respond quickly to changing legislation so you can continue to maintain compliance and achieve your mission. 

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