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    ATI Restoration, LLC

    Disaster Restoration Services

    In 2019, ATI was the first in the restoration and reconstruction industry to co-brand with Benefect®, a world-renowned manufacturer of plant-based antimicrobial cleaning products. By embracing safer, more sustainable cleaning products, ATI leads the industry toward a more environmentally friendly future. ATI cares about reducing our impact on the environment and encouraging our corporate and field employees to:

    • Conserve Water and Electricity 
    • Carpool 
    • Recycle (e.g. toner, paper, job site materials, etc.) 
    • Use environmentally safe treatment and disposal of waste 
    • Participate in Earth Day events and community activities

    In addition, we select suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and always take business decisions with environmental conservation in mind. ATI takes the following measures to improve our sustainability company-wide: 

    • Skylights provide natural light to supplement LED lighting, which helps conserve electricity. The use of LED lighting provides greater energy efficiency. We use motion detectors and timers in our facilities to automatically turn off lights when not in use.
    • Use Green Seal/EcoLogo certified or biodegradable/eco-friendly cleaning products when available.
    • The placement of electric charging stations in our parking lot encourages the use of electric vehicles. Also, ATI management is currently taking steps to transition our service fleet to 100% fully electric vehicles. The drainage system filters and repurposes wastewater to protect local waterways and the ocean. 
    • Reflective roofing and improved insulation keep the building cooler and reduce the energy used for air conditioning. 
    • Secure on-site shred and recycle bins to help us reduce our paper waste.