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    IT Temporary & Professional Services


    Since AVID’s inception in 2003, AVID has worked extensively with Higher Ed clients (including UCOP, Stanford, Harvard, & MIT) and we understand the nuances in the higher education vertical, which currently account for over 50% of our business at AVID.  AVID’s ATS is weighted heavily with candidates who possess experience working in academia, candidates who have expressed interest in working in the field, or candidates who have been qualified by AVID’s recruiters as being a good fit for working in higher education. 

    This strong foundation built over the years has helped us gain and invaluable insight and understanding of the nuances of academic environments.  Higher educational environments can be logistically complex, contain a wide array of technology (new and old) and contain unique security challenges with the influx of students each semester. 

    Health Care:

    AVID launched a Healthcare IT division back in 2008 based on the demand from our hospital and healthcare clients including Siemens Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Partners Healthcare Systems and Kaiser Permanente.  In addition, AVID became a Tier 1 preferred IT staffing provider for UC Health (supporting all 6 health systems) in 2019after an extensive RFP Process