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    Disaster Restoration Solutions

    Condenser Coil Cleaning

    Condenser Coils (outdoor coils) attribute to increased energy consumption when coils become impacted with particulate and debris. A proactive maintenance plan should include regular coil cleaning by a professional, using approved chemicals and methods to refrain from damaging the coil fins and fans. DUCTZ COILZ Coil Cleaning method uses high-volume water at low-pressure to ensure the coil surfaces are cleaned with minimal damage to coil surfaces.

    Exhaust Cleaning

    Unfortunately, exhaust cleaning services are usually overlooked in many commercial buildings and facilities. Commercial exhaust fans are critical for removing indoor pollutants and odors and controlling moisture. If your commercial exhaust fan is not venting properly, it can cause unhealthy air and may promote microbial growth.

    DUCTZ teams of HVAC professionals are trusted by our customers because of our dedication, transparency, and full adherence to all standards set forth by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), ACCA and the EPA. When you call DUCTZ for commercial exhaust cleaning services, you can count on our expert technicians to ensure that your entire system is clean, promoting a healthy environment for students and staff in your buildings.

    No matter the size of your commercial space, you can count on DUCTZ for top-quality commercial exhaust cleaning results you can trust!