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    HVAC Restoration & Assessments

    HVAC Restoration

    After an event in your home or business such as a fire, flood, water damage or soot event, it is imperative to have your HVAC systems assessed and restored. Where many people will assume an impacted system must be replaced, it is much more cost-efficient to have the system restored instead. Most of the time, not all the time, HVAC systems can be restored, including all ductwork, air handlers, blowers, coils and components. Restoring an HVAC system can save money, avoid waiting for replacement parts due to supply-chain shortages and slow shipping – and restoration is better for the environment! Instead of removing the impacted equipment and ductwork to end up in a landfill, restoring HVAC equipment reduces your carbon footprint and turns the job around more quickly.

    There are many reasons to turn to DUCTZ for HVAC restoration services. Our technicians are highly qualified and properly trained to adhere to EPA and NADCA standards and guidelines. We offer excellent service and utilize before and after photo reports, allowing you to compare photos taken before and after our services so you can see that the job was done right.

    HVAC Assessments

    Our trained staff will complete a full assessment of your air handlers, duct system, and rooftop units and develop a specific plan to properly clean and restore your HVAC system. Each of our cleaning processes will comply with NADCA, ACCA and EPA established standards.

    By instituting proper cleaning practices, DUCTZ services will keep your system free of debris and dirt to allow for all of the components to operate more efficiently and prevent costly repairs. Before our trained technicians begin any service, we perform a thorough inspection to identify problems within your HVAC system and develop a location-specific cleaning plan.

    If our inspections reveal any visible contaminants in your system, necessary measures will be taken to properly clean the system to NADCA standards to improve your indoor air quality.

    Contamination often discovered during a DUCTZ HVAC Assessment include:

    • Microbial growth
    • Debris blowing out of supply registers or grilles
    • Construction debris
    • Fire and smoke damage
    • Drain pan issues
    • Coil damage and impaction
    • Filter and filter banks improperly fit or not maintained
    • Water infiltration
    • Flood or storm damage
    • Insect or rodent infestation