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    Belfor USA Group, Inc.

    Disaster Restoration Solutions

    BELFOR is the world leader in property damage restoration and repair. With locations in over 30 countries, we analyze and restore fire, water and storm damage of every kind and on any scale. We enable businesses and private customers to overcome the consequences of damage quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. We invest every effort in minimizing business interruptions and getting things back to normal as quickly as possible. We draw on more than 35 years of experience, use the latest technical equipment and employ over 8,000 highly qualified people. After all, our assignment is more than just a job: the survival of your assets is at stake.

    Because every loss event is different, we treat each case individually. With BELFOR, you always receive a tailor-made service based on a careful analysis of the damage and your needs. 

    We can also provide full construction services. Anything from making a small repair to building a large industrial/residential complex is well within our capabilities. In all that we do, we remain keenly aware of our responsibility towards our clients, employees and the environment.