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    Watch how Best Buy Education will partner with you to create seamless ed-tech solutions

    Best Buy Education understands that creating an end-to-end tech solution can be a daunting task. Best Buy® Education is here to help with everything from planning and installation to ongoing tech support. We offer a vast selection of education technology products, expertise and nationwide services that set students up for success in the modern world, whether they’re learning at home, in school or online.

      NEW! How to Establish Esports in Your Schools

      Esports have taken U.S. schools and universities by storm, and for good reason. In 2018, the National Federation of State High School Associations recognized esports as an official sport. Participation in esports can lead to a plethera of benefits, such as driving enrollment, generate revenue for schools, and support diversity. 

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      Benefits of Best Buy Education:

      • Dedicated Education Account Managers to help you pick the right solution for your organization
      • Great prices on thousands of the latest education-grade devices and technology
      • Expertise and experience to fulfill orders reliably and quickly
      • Pre-deployment services enable custom device configuration, app installation, asset tagging and more
      • Warranties and tech support—remote and in person—give you peace of mind after the purchase, too

      Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets

      Choose from thousands of computing products from the best brands to meet your school’s unique needs. We feature a comprehensive selection of education-grade and consumer laptops, desktops, tablets and all-in-ones.

      Broken devices piling up?

      We can help repair all your devices regardless of where they were purchased or whether they are in or out of warranty. 

      Interactive Panels and Digital Signage

      Best Buy® Educations digital signage-certified engineers and project managers can help design and plan any space. This includes collaborative classrooms with video conferencing capabilities and large interactive displays. Plus, complete digital signage solutions to streamline communications and emergency alerts for student and staff safety. Their nationwide Geek Squad team also ensures a fast, professional install with ongoing support.


      A good competition should be challenging, outfitting your school’s esports team should not be. From the machines to the green screens, Best Buy® Education offers a full assortment of esports tech that will help you build a gaming lab from the ground up. Best Buy® Educations professional engineering and design team will make sure you have a rock-solid network connection. Not ready to build out a whole esports lab? Best Buy® Education can help supplement your existing tech. 

      Virtual and Augmented Reality

      Best Buy Education has partnered with ClassVR to bring you affordable, innovative virtual reality lessons and experiences to students of all ages. We’ll provide everything you need to make VR and AR a reality in your classroom. 

      Education Solutions:

      Best Buy® Education partners with all the leading brands to provide the largest education and consumer technology assortment for your organization.

      HyFlex Model Products

      Best Buy® Education has a wide assortment of technologies to keep your students connected and learning whether they’re in person or online, with products like web cameras, displays, speakers, microphones and control devices. Their certified engineers will design a plan that ensures your HyFlex classroom will be simple to use for students and staff and will work with your existing virtual meeting platforms.


      Whether you’re completely restructuring your school campus or looking to update existing spaces, Best Buy® Education can help. They offer a large assortment of best-in-class furniture from trusted education partners. The Best Buy® Education team can help design and install any school spaces including media centers, classrooms, makerspaces, lobbies and cafeterias. Couple this with project managers to ensure your furniture is delivered on time and installed professionally.

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      Beckfield College Case Study:

      Learn how Best Buy Education helps one higher ed institute improve processes in making it easier for students to get the right tech and support for learning.


      Watch the video above to see how Best Buy Education will partner with you to create seamless ed-tech solutions.