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    When you choose Geek Squad Business Services, you're getting an integrated team that does its work seamlessly. Your Project Manager will handle the logistics of your project, A/V and IT Engineers can design customized solutions, and Geek Squad Agents will pre-configure, install and support your products with speed and expertise.

    We've got the skills to handle any project:

    • Customized proposals.  Detailed project schematics will show you what’s possible.
    • Your tech will be ready to go. We’ll pre-configure your new devices and repair your old ones.
    • Quick and efficient setup. We’re experts at setting up all kinds of tech and appliances.
    • Advanced A/V and IT skills. We can outfit a meeting hall, install a complex network and more.
    • Project Managers. If your project requires special attention, a project manager will be there every step of the way.

    We'll customize your devices before they arrive.

    At Geek Squad City, our Agents can pre-configure your new computers, mobile devices, TVs, smart home devices and more. We can install and test any requested hardware, software and apps; configure devices so they're ready to use right out of the box; and add asset tagging so you know who gets which device. Our Agents can also repair your existing tech so everything is working great before installation begin. Watch agents in action at Geek Squad City.

    Broken devices piling up?

    We can help repair all your devices regardless of where they were purchased or whether they are in or out of warranty. Plus, as an Apple® authorized service provider we can even enroll, repair and replace all your Apple devices (non-education customers only).

    Certified A/V and IT Engineers are ready to help.

    When your vision requires a customized solution, our team of Engineers can create floor plans, schematics and diagrams that help turn your ideas into reality. Depending on their specialty, our Engineers are Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) or have earned certification from tech companies like Microsoft and Cisco.

    Our installations are where your project becomes reality.

    We can install just about anything at scale, from TVs, speakers to networks, computers and office tech. If you have projects in multiple locations across the country, we can handle your installs at the same time. Plus, our Engineers can provide complex technical solutions you may not even realize are possible.

    After your project is complete, we’ll still be here to help.

    You can’t afford any downtime with your tech. So, when computers aren’t cooperating, Geek Squad Agents are available 24/7 for remote technical support. We also offer a range of on-site services and we can repair just about any device either at your location or at Geek Squad City.


    Watch the video above to see how Best Buy Education will partner with you to create seamless ed-tech solutions.