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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start working with BI Incorporated (BI)?
    Your agency must have an account set up with BI to utilize this contract. Choose one of the following ways to get started:  

    1. Contact our toll-free number at 855-453-6042
    2. E-mail us at omniapartners@bi.com and we will have someone call you back within 24 hours to handle your request
    3. Visit us at www.bi.com/omniapartners 

    Is pricing competitive through the BI contract?
    Working with BI Incorporated through this program ensures agencies are getting the most competitive prices for all offender monitoring products, services and solutions. BI offers a tiered pricing structure providing agencies with flexible options. BI solutions are customizable to support a full range of products and services. An agency can select any or all proposed products and negotiate such options as a self-pay program, installation services, custom monitoring, alert investigation services, etc. BI’s solutions and competitive pricing allow agencies to explore the use of reentry services, or other additional features such as customized reporting and offender treatment services. 

    BI pricing includes introductory, refresher, weekly or ad hoc online training. BI has extensive experience developing agency-specific training when needed, at no additional charge. In most cases, there are no minimum service requirements or spend limits associated with running a BI program. Please contact us at 855-453-6042 for pricing details.

    How does BI help prepare an agency during initial setup and throughout implementation of a program?
    BI has extensive experience in implementing successful programs for corrections agencies. We are skilled at estimating expected deliverables and achievable deadlines to meet implementation objectives. The comprehensive involvement from BI’s team helps ensure ongoing customer satisfaction, administrative and fiscal management of the program, the assurance of BI compliance with contract requirements, and the coordination and timely delivery of equipment and services. 

    Pricing includes initial training, refresher training as needed, and weekly or ad hoc online training for all users. BI can also develop agency-specific training if needed at no additional charge. 

    What is BI’s investment in technology and service programs, and how might an agency benefit?
    BI Incorporated is the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic monitoring devices. BI employs mechanical, electrical, and computer science engineering personnel who work every day to provide agencies with the latest technologies and advancements in tracking technology, secure data processing, and communications.

    Your success is dependent on a company with the financial backing, technical competency, and industry expertise to adapt swiftly to the evolving needs of the community corrections industry. BI remains committed to staying abreast of technology advancements and evolving rehabilitation trends. We actively work with our technology and community partners to ensure that agencies have the latest monitoring technology and services available. Read more about BI Benefits

    How is shipping handled?
    The BI Customer Business Services (CBS) department provides administrative support for equipment orders, product service, and billing. CBS representatives coordinate timely shipments and returns, resolve customer-billing inquiries, provide cost estimates, and return or repair status reports. Please contact us at 855-453-6042 for shipping details. 

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