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    Big Truck Rental

    Refuse Truck Rental & Sales

    Have a need that one of our rental trucks will fit? Here is the process to get your any time, any way truck solution headed to you.

    Step 1

    REQUEST INFORMATION providing the pertinent information or questions. Please include additional details if available: Quantity of trucks needed, Type of trucks needed, Date needed, and estimated length of rental

    Step 2

    Big Truck Rental will provide you with a quote, including round trip transportation costs, via Docusign

    Step 3

    Sign the Docusign document and return to Big Truck Rental via email

    Step 4

    Provide Big Truck Rental with Certificate of Insurance and Purchase Order for quote

    Step 5

    Big Truck Rental will provide you with an email confirmation on when you can expect your trucks to arrive

    Complete Fleet Big Truck Rental
    Big Truck Rental Flyer

    Contact Information

    Email: omniapartners@bigtruckrental.com
    Phone: 866-656-0526