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    PARA-X is BMKV’s signature brand, is used exclusively for our custom medical kit line. The PARA-X brand is a true custom medical kit line where the customers’ requirements outweigh the drive to sell a stock medical kit. BMKV’s extensive manufacturer reach and integration capabilities ensures a custom solution, made for every requirement.

    • Meets HB 496 Requirements
      • The HB 496 requirements suggest that these types of  kits have a tourniquet, chest seal, compression bandage, bleeding control bandage, space emergency blanket, latex-free gloves, markers, scissors and an instructional document. We have a variety of products available to customize these kits per the request of the schools, county, etc. You can find this list of items attached on the proposal.
    • Stock medical kits vetted by years of military and private sector service.
    • Kits used on a daily basis by medical professionals and first responders.
    • Custom medical kits based on the individual customer’s needs.
    • Variety of contents, configurations, and packaging.
    • Negotiable pricing.
    • Products trusted by the military for over 100 years.

    The PARA-X line of medical kits has no limit to the amount of customization that can be incorporated so that the medical requirements are not just met but exceeded… every single time!


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