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    Implementing green technology is quickly rising to the top of every organizations' agenda, and with good reason: It takes a tremendous amount of energy and taxpayer dollars to power data centers, networks and computers.

    As budgets shrink and environmental concerns grow, local, state and federal IT leaders are under pressure to do more with less while also reducing waste and energy consumption. Fortunately, taking a more environmentally friendly approach to technology deployment will also help IT departments reach those goals.

    Government agencies can simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint, become more energy efficient and save money by pursuing a green strategy that includes adopting common-sense best practices, improving the utilization of existing IT equipment, and as budgets or regular upgrade cycles allow, investing in new, innovative technologies.

    While there is a lot of marketing hype surrounding implementing green technology, CDWGs white paper moves beyond that by providing actionable tips from technology manufacturers themselves to help you reach your green goals and produce measurable results.


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