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    Club Car, LLC

    Utility, Transportation & Golf Vehicles

    How do I place an order with Club Car?
    You must be a registered participant to utilize the Club Car contract. If you are not, please register now. 

    Our vehicles are sold through Authorized Club Car Dealers and Distributors, not through our corporate office. To find a dealer or distributor near you, visit www.clubcardealer.com and contact the dealer directly. The dealer will arrange an on-site demonstration, discuss accessories, provide pricing, arrange shipping and act as a liaison if you need customized vehicles or other special services.

    If you need additional support, please contact Club Car directly at omniapartners@clubcar.com or 706-955-0252.

    Who can participate? 
    States, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges, universities, non-profits and special districts.

    Do you lease vehicles?
    Yes. Various types of leasing options are available.

    Do you offer maintenance contracts?
    Yes. Your Club Car Dealer or Distributor offers maintenance contracts and service by factory-trained technicians.

    Club Car Cart

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