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    Environmentally Friendly Transportation & Work Vehicles

    Adding Columbia vehicles to your fleet can increase employee productivity and multiply the return on investment per team member. Columbia has a focused set of characteristics that make us unique in the task-oriented vehicle industry.

    • Ergonomics: Our design teams focus on making our vehicles the most comfortable to operate or ride in.
    • Green: Designed to be friendly to the environment you won’t find a greener solution than our zero emission vehicles.
    • Smart Power: With over 60 years of practical experience our power systems are the most intelligent in the industry.
    • Easy Maintenance: Our engineers hate “knuckle-busters”, so they work hard to make our vehicles easy to service and maintain.
    • Extreme Range: Our vehicles have all the range you need to get more done with power to spare.
    • American Made: Skilled American workers assemble all vehicles in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.
    • Built Strong: We use the strongest materials in our industry to build vehicles that outlast the competition.

    Electric Vehicles

    The benefits of electric vehicles are multi-faceted. Operating costs are lower (between 2 and 3 cents per mile) maintenance costs drop dramatically as there are fewer moving parts to maintain. Additionally, switching from noisy, smelly gas will not only eliminate your tailpipe emission and lessen your team’s environmental impact but will also make anywhere your team operates more comfortable to work and visit. Now, through OMNIA Partners you can put pure electric vehicles in your fleet quickly and easily.

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    Contact Information

    Email: jointpurchasing@columbiausa.com
    Phone: 608-535-6636
    Fax: 608-524-8380