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    Environmentally Friendly Transportation & Work Vehicles

    With over 60 years of industry experience, Columbia is the premier manufacturer of electric work vehicles. Columbia vehicles are specifically engineered to do more and last longer. It is why Columbia vehicles are used exclusively every day at the Las Vegas Convention Center, seen all over mega office complexes in Silicon Valley, and are used at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport! It is also why Disney awarded Columbia with its prestigious Innovation Award.

    There was a time when gas and diesel were preferred over electric but that’s history. With advances in battery technology and charging systems, electric vehicles have become the standard for work vehicles. There are no messy lubricant or gasoline/diesel by-products created, nor are there other hazardous exhaust and other materials left by our vehicles causing them to be the top rated eco-friendly vehicles on the market. Our industry leading vehicles can handle any load from transporting 1-26 people, carrying 5,200 pounds of materials or towing up to 7 tons!

    Columbia is a leader in our industry’s innovation having introduced more industry changing firsts in design and manufacturing than our competitors. Our vehicles are not cookie cutter, one size fits all like most competitors. If you do not see a vehicle that fits your needs, let us know! We can customize any vehicle for any application and have an extensive library of customized vehicles

    When you buy Columbia, you are buying the best work vehicles available today. Each vehicle is proudly built in Reedsburg, WI and rigorously tested to ensure the vehicle’s durability and reliability on the job. Each vehicle is American made in Reedsburg, WI, which is a proud tradition that Columbia can date back to the 1940s.  We also support our vehicles with an extensive dealer network and the best customer experience possible. Don’t settle for less! Don’t settle for a modified golf car others are selling as a work vehicle. Step up to the best and you’ll be a hero with your constituencies!

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