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    Environmentally Friendly Transportation & Work Vehicles

    Columbia vehicles are built for work. Columbia provides a wide range of eco-friendly application solutions including utility, LSV, NEV, passenger, and material handling. Each of our vehicles are built to provide “Inspired solutions that move our customers”. Our most popular agency solutions include:

    Higher Education: colleges, universities, grounds, maintenance, food services, auxiliary services, security

    Municipalities: cities, counties, law enforcement, airports, military, maintenance, housing authorities, correction facilities, security, ambulance, hospitality

    Public Works: water treatment, waste treatment, power plants, maintenance, construction, security

    Parks and Recreation: State parks, wildlife reserves, security, city parks, festivals, sporting arenas, nurseries

    Non-Profit: charities, museums, wildlife reserves, schools, religious institutions

    "Room for six, excellent suspension, and every seat has a stunning view! Our new electric cart has exceeded our expectations. We have been able to provide a comfortable and safe experience for visitors to our headquarters who may not normally be able to view the cranes on their own."
    - Jen Stewart, International Crane Foundation 

    "We found that our electric vehicles were getting 3 cents per mile for cost for energy compared to internal combustion engines which was approximately costing us 30-35 cents per mile in fuel. . . We are using them in our grounds and landscaping. People were using them in building services. We have reclaimers, electricians, (and) custodians (that) now have front door access to the building."
    - Jim Ruby, Fleet Manager University of California San Diego

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