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What We Stand For

Columbia believes in our founder's core values of; family, integrity, leadership, teamwork, knowledge, and excellence. In fact, it is because of these values that our mission is to provide inspired solutions that move our customers each and every day.

What We Do

Each of our electric vehicles is assembled in Reedsburg, WI using the highest quality materials available. Columbia vehicles are not modified golf carts that try to fit the application; instead, our vehicles are specifically built for work. Some of the popular applications for our vehicles are colleges and universities, water treatment plants, warehouses, cities and municipalities, nurseries, and maintenance and grounds crews. Columbia Is The Respected Leader In The Industry As a respected leader in our industry, Columbia strives to stay on the cusp of innovative technologies and partnerships. Because of this, we have been awarded The Facilities & Operations Services Innovation Award from the Walt Disney Company. You will not find a more reliable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain a vehicle than a Columbia.

What makes us different

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