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    Companion Data Services, LLC (CDS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina (BlueCross), an independent licensee of the Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® Association. CDS is headquartered in Columbia, SC with offices in Dallas, TX; State College, PA and Catonsville, MD. CDS is in business since 2005. CDS’ parent company, BlueCross is in business since 1946. Our corporate organization has approximately 15,000 employees, generating approximately $4 billion in revenue per year.

    CDS is focused on long-term relationships rather than quarterly financial pressures, thanks to being a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary of a large, strong and stable corporate organization. We are a safe vendor of choice in a world of uncertainties including mergers or acquisitions.

    Our long-term service contracts with governments that are re-competed and retained prove our levels of security, quality, efficiency and compliance. All government data that may involve Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) or any other confidential information is hosted in the United States.

    CDS serves over 200 customers including State, County, Local and Federal governments as well as higher educational institutions and commercial customers.

    We will work with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, to understand, analyze and model all system business processes, transactions, workflows and approval mechanisms. The result would be an accurate system configuration and consequently, a successful implementation that meets your business objectives, thereby taking full advantage of the proposed solution’s potential.

    Our Expertise

    We have specific knowledge of government, healthcare, education and commercial industries. We will discuss your business, offer best-practice alternatives and convey our experience towards a streamlined, automated and efficient operation.

    Professional Services for Implementation

    Our capabilities and experience in providing implementation, project management, business analysis, process modeling, workflow design, system configuration, training and support on an ongoing basis in addition to the technical solution will provide the best value to Customers.

    Expertise and Longevity

    Our stable workforce comprised of subject matter experts, possess years of experience with similar, large-scale implementations, complementing capabilities of our products and ensuring a functional fit with your requirements.

    No Acquisitions!.. You Interact with the Actual Developer

    Rather than a dealer or re-seller, we offer our own product, built by us from ground up on a modern, flexible, scalable platform, without acquiring parts from other companies and patching afterward. We have not acquired any document management software company, either. We make and meet commitments in product development and the upgrade roadmap.

    No Outsourcing

    All research, development, design, testing, support, implementation, training, maintenance and cloud operations are performed by our corporate resources; all based in the USA. All professional and Information Technology (IT) services are performed with no on-shore, near-shore or off-shore outsourcing. All services are performed by our own corporate employees who are legal residents of the United States.

    Security and Compliance

    Due to the nature of our business, we focus on and comply with regulations to protect Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Therefore, we are prepared to support the Department’s uncompromised requirements of data and access security, supported by our proven security posture. All managed services including security and administration are performed by our corporate employees.


    Thorough and relevant training is critical in helping staff to maximize the use of the powerful tools provided to them. This includes end users, administrators, managers and IT personnel. Our well-developed and executed curriculum addresses the needs of users at all levels.

    Customers’ Input to DocFinity Development

    DocFinity is a customer-driven application. We poll and inform our customers on the product roadmap and monitor requests for enhancements. We have clearly-defined and proven processes in place to support product development, based on our customers’ needs, including Customer Alliance Board (CAB), DocFinity User Conferences and DocFinity Newsletters.

    DocFinity Deployment Models

    We offer two options for DocFinity licensing and use.

    Traditional On Premise

    DocFinity Core module, DocFinity Add-on modules and optional features are separately priced. The Department’s data center and servers are used for hosting the system. Support, updates and upgrades are covered by a separately-priced annual software maintenance contract.

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Monthly subscription includes all DocFinity Core and Add-on modules. Optional tools are separately priced. SaaS deployment offers;

    • Zero capital expenditure for any server-level hardware or software component
    • Zero support, maintenance, update or upgrade costs for any server-level hardware or software including the operating system, database, DocFinity Core and DocFinity Add-on modules
    • Zero up-front charges for the complete stand up of a computing environment for the project in our secure data center for the Customer
    • Zero waste due to idle user licenses through flexibility to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in use and a phased roll-out