Power. Access. Trust.


    Companion Data Services

    Enterprise Content Managment Solutions

    Minimize Administrative Overhead

    • Allocate work electronically and oversee the management of entire processes
    • Produce detailed audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies
    • Reduce the burden on IT resources with one system to manage all your documents and processes


    Improve Service Delivery and Maintain Compliance

    • Eliminate redundant processing, hectic data searches, and declaring records freeing up time for person-to-person interactions.
    • Provide easy and secure, auditable access to digitally stored public records as mandated by laws like the Right-to-Know Act.
    • Expedite response times and minimize costs by organizing, indexing, storing, and protecting information so you can find what you need when you need it.
    • Centralize the information you have in other applications and make it accessible to authorized users on demand.