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    Though every boarding school is unique, they all share a common challenge: make the most of endowments, donations, and tuition dollars while keeping responsiveness to parents and students immediate.

    DocFinity helps you automate, standardize, simplify, and expedite the flow of information and task completion across the institution. At the same time, you will achieve better control your student, staff, and donor documentation; prevent redundancy and errors; and leverage the information stored in your Student Information System (SIS) and other applications.

    • ​Ease future retrieval, automating retention efforts, and triggering workflows.
    • Access admissions packets, financial aid eligibility, email and phone correspondence, tuition statements, transcripts, and almost anything you might need or imagine quickly and securely.
    • Create comprehensive, up to date, and complete candidate or donor folders, making them available for secure access from within your SIS.

    Manage documents and processes throughout the school, including invoices, contracts, donor forms, and more.