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    DocFinity is our high-powered, next-generation Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) suite. Government entities, commercial companies and higher education institutions at more than 200 installations use DocFinity countrywide and internationally. Moreover, DocFinity is used to process high volumes of business transactions in day-to-day operations involving many document types and highly sensitive and confidential health care and financial data, in support of commercial, government and military plans.

    Our solution features integration with no programming, open standards, well-documented and published Application Program Interfaces (APIs) as well as a well-documented, open data dictionary.

    Our enterprise-wide solution is for use throughout all divisions within the Customer organization. It will be crucial to achieving superior levels of security by appropriately segregating data so that only roles with defined authority levels access the information that they actually have a business need to.

    Enterprise content management (ECM) has come a long way from the days of simple imaging and electronic document management. We’ve made it easier to use than ever. With more core features than any competitive offering, DocFinity’s scalability translates to affordability for companies both large and small — from local start-ups to single departments to global organizations.

    ECM module of DocFinity offers powerful standard functions like document capture and imaging, scanning, importing, uploading, search and retrieval, viewing, editing, redaction, versioning, reporting, auditing and collaboration. DocFinity ECM offers advanced functions like;

    • Advanced Capture: Automate the capture and indexing of files into system, including various high-speed importers, email integration, OCR, and intelligent capture options.
    • Dashboards: Monitor workflow productivity—as well as the efficiency of applications, importers, servers, and repositories.
    • Records Management: Automatically apply retention rules to documents as they're categorized during the indexing process. Comply with record retention policies, government regulations, and discovery for legal cases.
    • Advanced Security: Control file access, downloading, manipulation, and printing of documents at the group level and view audit trails to drill into all activity around files.

    Electronic forms are an essential component to any electronic document management (EDM) or enterprise content management (ECM) system. DocFinity eForms enables you to design, input, store, and access forms securely, from any location. eForms can be used to launch business processes so you can save time, boost efficiency, and enhance customer service.

    The eForms module enables capturing data in simply created, structured forms customizable in design and behavior. Forms are created by administrators in the Form Designer, which features an intuitive interface. eForms can send dynamic email messages, trigger business processes, update external databases, store data and generate Portable Document Format (PDF) form versions.

    Enhancing your current processes through automation, self-service, and process re-engineering can have dramatic effects on your bottom line.

    DocFinity Business Process Management (BPM) / Workflow gives organizations the ability to view, model, automate, process, and standardize the tasks that make up their business processes, helping to increase efficiency and expedite turnaround. DocFinity’s contemporary BPM solution offers far more than simple document management. To optimize process flow and support automation, we feature easy-to-use, flexible and highly configurable business process management and workflow functions.

    The DocFinity Self-Service Gateway provides a secure way to exchange information with those outside of your DocFinity network.

    Our user-configurable, secure Self-Service Gateway allows the public such as applicants, claimants, contractors, constituents, litigants, filers and suppliers to perform certain transactions securely through a public portal in a truly cost-effective way. The Self-Service Gateway is an integral part of our solution; requiring no custom programming.