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    Connection’s professional development services assist educators with integrating appropriate and meaningful tools to increase the effectiveness of both teaching and learning.

    COVID-19 has changed the education landscape, and many teachers are experiencing the remote classroom for the first time. To help fill the gaps in communication and collaboration that have become apparent, many schools are adopting new technology and apps at a very rapid and alarming rate. As a result, with in-person training currently out of the question, educators across the globe are struggling to balance their workloads while adopting new skillsets in ways that are not optimal. It’s time to turn the tide. 

    Professional Development Overview

    Connection Learn Something New Everyday Professional Development

    Google Class List

    Google class list

    Microsoft Professional Development Overview

    Increase Your Teaching Potential with Microsoft's Professional Development Training Courses

    Microsoft Class List

    Professional Development Services for Google G Suite for Education

    Google Workspace Professional Development Overview

    Connection Google G Suite Professional Development Overview

    Webinar: Remote Learning in 2020

    Learn more about solutions for K-12 remote learning including Teams tips and more!


    Contract Overview

    Contract Overview

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