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    Learning Management System

    D2L’s Brightspace for Associations

    Brightspace is the learning platform designed to help create programs that attract, retain, and excite members and enable your association to grow.

    Content Creation Made Easy

    Create custom course content using an HTML editor and pre-built templates or import it from third-party providers and supported LMSs. You can collect all your content within a single library so materials and resources can easily be re-used in the future.

    Social Learning Experiences

    Let learners connect through integrated conferencing tools, practice their skills with Video Assignments, and get feedback from peers and experts on their submissions. You can use awards, badges, certificates, and leaderboards to recognize progress and nurture healthy competition.

    An Intuitive User Experience

    Enable members to access content from any device with the Brightspace platform’s mobile-friendly design and stay up to date on news and deadlines with the Activity Feed. Create pathways that guide people in their development, let them self-enroll in courses of interest, and leverage built-in features like an accessibility checker and automated captioning to create courses that help reach every learner.

    Your Tools, Your Way

    Plug into your unique ecosystem with open standards and APIs and create a branded experience that’s consistent for your members. You can use automation tools to release messages and reminders according to pre-set rules. Plus, with 99.99% uptime and cloud technology, you can rely on your LMS to be scalable, predictable, and secure.

    More Partner, Less Vendor

    As experts in education and pedagogy, we’re committed to supporting you in ways you might not expect from a technology provider. And we’ve been doing it for 20 years. We offer a broad bench of services from implementation and training through Learning Strategy and Consulting, Learning and Creative Services, Data Solutions Consulting, Technical Account Management, and ongoing support.

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