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    Learning Management System

    D2L’s Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS)

    Brightspace Core

    Our LMS includes all the tools schools, institutions, and organizations need to deliver a best-in-class teaching and learning experience. Create engaging content, personalize the journey, prioritize accessibility, and track learner performance and progress—all from within one robust, intuitive, mobile-friendly platform. Key features include:

    Learning Environment

    Learning Repository

    Activity Feed

    New Content Experience


    Mobile Apps

    Virtual Classroom

    Video Assignments

    Basic Support

    LDAP Authentication

    Closed Captions for Video Note

    Single Sign-On

    Standard SIS Integration

    Course Conversion


    Automation Tools

    Disaster Recovery

    Customer Access

    Data Hub

    Quick Eval


    Learning Paths

    Brightspace Community


    Optional add-on packages deliver powerful analytics tools to help L&D and business leaders save quality time while maximizing impact and driving success or create even more engaging course offerings.

    Brightspace Add-Ons

    Add-on packages help you get more out of the learning platform—creating more engaging courses and getting deeper insights into data.

    Performance Plus

    The Performance Plus add-on package delivers powerful analytics tools to help administrators, educators, and learners save quality time while maximizing impact and driving success. Key features include:

    • Predictive Analytics
    • Self-Serve Analytics
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Adaptive Learning

    Engagement Plus

    The Engagement Plus add-on gives institutions and organizations the ability to showcase their online course offerings and helps instructors create engaging video-based lectures or course content. Key features include:

    • Game Based Learning
    • Awards Leaderboard
    • Multi-Media Presentation Recording
    • Self-Serve Course Catalog

    Learn more about D2L’s products for K-12, higher education, corporate, and associations.


    D2L is an education company that is dedicated to partnering with our customers to help improve learning outcomes and access to education across the globe. From day one, we’re ready to work with you to help you achieve your teaching and learning goals.

    • We’ll get you up and running. Different industries move at different speeds. Our planning services can help clients quickly identify their goals and identify how to proceed.
    • We’ll support your unique needs. No two clients are the same. We work with them to develop solutions that will shape the experience specifically for their institution or organization.
    • We’ll help deliver a powerful learning experience. Knowing how to create the most engaging content is important. Our graphic designers, web developers, and courseware developers are ready to help.
    • We’ll tailor training to fit their timeline. Our training programs can help you equip your teams quickly so that you have more time to focus on what matters most: teaching and learning.