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    Daktronics Provides Technology to Bring the Big Screen Home

    Fall sports are coming quickly, fans who are far away or can't attend games can still be part of the action. Big Stream from Daktronics will bring the fan experience on a video board right to the TV or computer screen.

    Big Stream is the first streaming technology that creates a video signal to stream the video board content directly to the fans so they can have a more exciting and interactive game-day experience. Daktronics created it to keep fans engaged while they support student-athletes.

    "Some schools do stream games over the web now using a single camera with no animation and no audio," says Daktronics Market Manager Kyle Sydow. "Big Stream lets fans see exactly what would be on their big video board on the field, complete with audio, animations, trivia and even sponsor advertising. We named it Big Stream because it combines the big screen with a live stream."

    Schools with video boards, scoreboards or both can use Big Stream. It doesn't require any extra operators as it's a simple plug and play player. It's also portable so schools can use the technology in various venues for different sports or events.

    "We offer Big Stream with multiple options so we can accommodate schools that use any type of Daktronics scoring system," explains Sydow. "Schools can add capabilities for real-time data, add inputs like cameras and even show instant replays."

    It can also be used in conjunction with any existing school curriculum that teaches students programming technology, so students won't miss opportunities to work with the video board. Also, schools that have business sponsorships on their scoring systems will be able to satisfy contracts by including logos, sponsored events and dynamic advertising on the feed. 

    "We think students and fans shouldn't miss out on any season, if that's possible. And at Daktronics, we believe Big Stream can help with that," says Sydow.

    Find out more about Big Stream at www.daktronics.com/bigstream

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