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    Dorm Furniture & Related Services

    Family Owned for 45 Years

    When you choose DCI, you benefit from 45 years of service and expertise providing sustainable furniture to higher education and military housing programs like yours. Enjoy quality and value from an industry leader in green manufacturing.

    Supply Chain Control

    You get the best product at competitive prices because we manage the entire production process from standing timber and rough lumber to milling, manufacturing, and installation. Our supply chain control gives you unparalleled flexibility, service, and the most sustainable FSC-certified residence hall furniture on the market. When you work with DCI, you support local economies in rural Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Southern California.


    In 2021, DCI was dubbed a "Sustainability Champion" by the USDA and received $1.5m in grants from the USFS, USDA, and NH Renewable Energy Fund to upgrade our existing renewable energy system. Currently DCI uses no fossil fuels in our zero waste New Hampshire factory. We rely on our own wood waste to power the steam boilers that heat our factory, offices, and energy-intensive wood kilns. And our fully integrated domestic supply chain further minimizes our carbon footprint.