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    DIRTT Environmental Solutions

    Moveable Wall Systems

    DIRTT uses its proprietary 3D software to design, manufacture and install fully customized prefabricated interiors. The Company's client’s benefit from their precise design and costing; rapid lead times with the highest levels of customization and flexibility; and faster, cleaner construction. With DIRTT, clients receive cost certainty, a guaranteed schedule, and know exactly how the final space will look. Long term, a DIRTT interior is ready to respond to whatever the future brings thanks to the adaptable and non-generational nature of their solutions. 


    DIRTT removes the guesswork with the power of their proprietary design software, called ICE®. ICE holds all the engineering and manufacturing information needed to build a DIRTT interior in one of their factories. The software itself looks and acts like a 3D video game, where users can interact with and change their design. Behind the scenes, it’s doing the heavy lifting: specifying, pricing and building the design elements. ICE builds a realistic digital version of a space that users can walk through in virtual reality before construction begins. In addition, they use a tool called ICEberg®, which compares the cost of a DIRTT solution vs. conventional construction.


    DIRTT’s solutions include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Millwork, and DIRTT Power and Networks, among others.

    DIRTT Walls are designed to be customizable, giving clients unlimited freedom. The patented wall elements allow work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other objects to be mounted seamlessly off the surface or within the wall itself. The walls support legacy and new furniture, are reconfigurable and can be easily refinished to suit future needs.

    DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry. Just like traditional millwork, you can create the perfect piece to fit the perfect space. But with DIRTT, you receive all the benefits of modern, precise manufacturing. You get a set price, fast lead-times, smooth installs and long-term agility. And because every piece of DIRTT Millwork is custom, clients only pay for the material used instead of being charged for building something unique. DIRTT Millwork can adapt to any need, whether it be the size, use, or lead time. And, it all hangs from the horizontal support within the DIRTT walls.

    To create a fully agile space, DIRTT offers modular plug-and-play power and data. DIRTT Power and Networks integrate directly into DIRTT Walls. This provides control over the part of the office that changes the most, without the need to bring in expensive trades or dispose of wire and cables every time adaptations are required.


    Headquartered in Calgary, AB, DIRTT opened for business in May 2005 and has grown to $293M in sales at the end of 2017. DIRTT's manufacturing facilities are in Phoenix, Savannah, Kelowna and Calgary. DIRTT's team supports nearly 100 Partners throughout North America, the Middle East and Asia. DIRTT trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DRT."

    The company is the winner of more than 25 recognized awards, including a PM100 for Innovation Mastery by Progressive Manufacturing magazine, a Manning Award for Outstanding Innovation, and the Excellence in Partnership for Industry Green Contractor from the US Coalition for Government Procurement.

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