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    DIRTT Environmental Solutions

    Moveable Wall Systems


    DIRTT uses its proprietary 3D software to design, manufacture and install fully customized prefabricated interiors. With DIRTT, clients receive cost certainty, a guaranteed schedule, and know exactly how the final space will look. 

    The company is the winner of more than 25 recognized awards, including a PM100 for Innovation Mastery by Progressive Manufacturing magazine, a Manning Award for Outstanding Innovation, and the Excellence in Partnership for Industry Green Contractor from the US Coalition for Government Procurement.

    Contract Highlights

    • DIRTT solutions include walls, power & networks, and casework as part of the tiered discount structure. 
    • Additional DIRTT solutions available as quoted (not per discounted tier structure) include timber, Leaf (a wall that folds), raised floor, Breathe (living wall), FlexGas lines for healthcare installations, and any future innovations.
    • Additional Services: ICE® 3D Software, Design, Project Management, Installation, Storage and Reconfiguration.
    • All DIRTT Solutions are infinitely customizable for the project, with no added cost.
    • Contract pricing is extended to General Contractor or sub-contractor purchasing on behalf of the owner.

    Contract Offerings

    • Modular Walls
    • Casework
    • Power and Networks
    • Storage
    • Reconfiguration
    • Design
    • ICE 3D Software
    • Project Management
    • Installation
    • Tech Support
    • Warranty


    • ​​​​​​DIRTT Walls -- customizable, patented wall elements that allow work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other objects to be mounted seamlessly
    • DIRTT Casework -- fully customizable to modular cabinetry with a set price, fast lead-times, smooth installs and long-term agility
    • DIRTT Power and Networks -- modular plug-and-play power and data that integrate directly into DIRTT Walls without the need to bring in expensive trades


    ICE® proprietary design software acts like a 3D virtual reality video game:

    • Realistic digital space that users can walk through in virtual reality before construction begins
    • Users can specify building design elements and see pricing 
    • ICEberg® - tool that compares the cost of a DIRTT solution vs. conventional construction

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