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    DKI Restoration

    Disaster and Non-Disaster Restoration of Operational Services

    Maintain a Safe Environment Throughout the Restoration Process

    When disasters occur, hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most essential places people turn to for recovery. DKI understands this and in 2017, launched DKI Healthcare Services, specializing in helping these places for healthcare maintain a safe environment for their patients, families, staff and practitioners. Over the years, the required healthcare training, technology and equipment for DKI Healthcare Services has expanded into assisting facilities of all channels. Whether you need to remain operational and not be disrupted by construction noise, fumes and/or debris, or your facility has recently experienced an infectious disease outbreak, our DKI certified teams can ensure your safety throughout the entire restoration and cleaning process.

    Our ICRA trained and certified staff is uniquely qualified and equipped to perform ICRA Class III & IV containment and risk management, and can perform high-level disinfection (C.diff, Ebola, MRSA, VRE, etc.), terminal clean, and outbreak response.

    Review our DKI Healthcare Services Brochure to learn more!

    DKI Healthcare

    For 24-Hour Emergency Services, call us at 866-277-2977.


    Don’t just wait for disaster to strike. Contact DKI for a specialized CODE RED Emergency Response program, developed to suit your specific needs.

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