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Exoban is a patent-pending COVID-19 disinfection treatment for building interiors like schools, offices, restaurants, and retail locations. This persistent antimicrobial treatment lasts for the long haul and is exclusively applied by DKI.  

Exoban Technology is human safe, colorless, odorless, non-leaching, non-corrosive and deadly for a wide range of pathogens. Exoban's persistent antimicrobials do not contain harmful chemicals and are less toxic to humans than coffee or vitamin C.

Once professionally applied, workplaces are protected long term - whereas standard sanitizers only kill in the moment they are applied. Exoban Treatments guarantees qualified surfaces will remain antimicrobially active for the entire duration of the program. In addition to constant surface protection, DKI will furnish Exoban door stickers and point of purchase displays in order to communicate the facility's high commitment to a clean environment for their clients and customers.

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