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    Mattresses & Related Equipment

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    About Dormlife

    OMNIA Partners works to connect the public sector to collective buying power. Our Dormlife cooperative contract provides mattresses and related sleep products and services to public sector agencies. When organizations choose Dormlife through OMNIA Partners, they will receive savings and value that goes beyond costs.

    Dormlife is a nationwide supplier of mattresses for college and universities that offer residential hall mattresses. Count on Dormlife for competitive pricing, national distribution, custom specifications, quality and more.

    Sleep Products


    Dormlife, a leader in the mattress industry, serves colleges and universities nationwide. Recognized as a dependable source of mattresses, Dormlife offers both foam and innerspring mattresses in all sizes and varying specifications.

    Mattress Encasements

    Dormlife provides mattress, boxsping, and pillow encasements custom-fit to university mattresses. Our encasements prolong the life of the mattress and ensure protection from bedbugs, allergens, and stains. All encasements are machine-washable.

    Dormlife Designations:

    SB (Small Business) State of California | Certified #2000798

    WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) California Public Utilities Commission | Certified #15050095