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    At Cushman and E-Z-GO, we are committed to developing sustainable technology that will protect our planet while remaining as efficient, affordable, and reliable as ever.

    ELiTE Lithium Powertrain

    The ELiTE Lithium Powertrain is designed to save power while optimizing efficiency. Consuming half the electricity as a standard lead-acid battery, ELiTE-powered vehicles will actively reduce your carbon footprint. The ELiTE vehicles also require much less maintenance, including no watering of batteries.

    ELiTE Lithium batteries last 2-3 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries and are much smaller, minimizing waste at the end of the batteries' lives. The reduced weight battery packs are hundreds of pound lighter than the traditional lead-acid batteries, further enhancing the vehicle's efficiency. Learn more about the ELiTE Lithium Powertrain here.

    EX1 Gas Engine

    The EX1 Gas Engine, designed specifically for golf carts, is the industry's most efficient gas vehicle, with advanced technology that lets you get more miles out of one tank. With a closed-loop, electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, you can optimize your miles per gallon no matter the driving conditions. This low-maintenance gas engine will prove to be more efficient while also being environmentally friendly.

    Learn more about the EX1 Gas Engine here.

    Learn more about Textron Specialized Vehicles sustainability efforts here.