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    • Broad Portfolio of Solutions / Wide Range of Solutions Providers aligned to SLED priorities and initiatives - immixGroup has more than 300 manufacturers and 1200 solutions providers that we have carefully vetted to offer the products and solutions our SLED customers demand.
    • Contract Compliance and Oversite - We consistently track and manage our contracts to ensure that we stay within the scope of the contract. We carefully vet new vendors we add and only if it makes sense.
    • Procurement and Acquisition Expertise - We understand the procurement process and how government customers buy technology. We streamline the process and make it easy to buy.
    • Market Knowledge and Awareness - Our market intelligence team conducts ongoing research and we understand government’s pain points and priorities and initiatives. We share this knowledge with our partners so they can more effectively address SLED priorities and initiatives.

    Secure Supply Chain – immixGroup offers the only complete, secure supply chain for the public sector customers.


    immixGroup's SLED Analyst, Charles Castelly dives into the challenges of returning to school.

    immixGroup, Cybersecurity Spending Continues in State Government

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    Chauncey Kehoe
    Contracts Manager – State, Local, and Education


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