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    Office & Education Furniture

    Contact Information:

    General Questions:info@enwork.com
    Quotes and Pricing Questions: designteam@enwork.com
    Order Questions: orders@enwork.com
    Literature Request:literature@enwork.com

    Standard Freight and Minimum Quantities

    • Product is FOB Enwork freight prepaid in the continental United States. Title passes to dealer when it leaves our dock. Standard delivery procedure includes transportation of the shipment to the destination loading dock to be unloaded by the consignee. Truck drivers are required only to bring merchandise to the tailgate of their vehicle. Consignee must be present to inspect and sign for the delivery. If the consignee is not available at time of delivery, additional delivery fees such as storage charges and/or re-delivery may be assessed.
    • Orders less than $1500 net are assessed a $150 net freight fee with two exceptions.
    • A $30 freight fee per chair or box applies to chair orders of 1-3 units. For orders of 4 or more chairs, a freight fee of $150 net is applied to orders less than $1500 net. Refer to the Ordering Information for each chair.
    • There is no freight fee for orders less than $100 net that can be sent FedEx Ground (e.g. small legs, brackets, etc.)

    Dealers are authorized to accept orders and perform billing on Enwork’s behalf for this contract. Due to tax implications, Enwork can only accept direct orders from OMNIA Partners National Contract members who are tax exempt, requiring a member’s tax exempt certificate be on file prior to purchase. Members may use the following address format when placing direct:

    c/o (name of Participating Dealer)
    12900 Christopher Dr.
    Lowell, MI 49331-9420

    Orders issued to Enwork shall reference “products and pricing apply per OMNIA Partners Contract #R191819.”
    Orders may be emailed to orders@enwork.com. Fax (888-433-2128) and hard copy mailing is also acceptable.