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    The past months have changed our everyday life in a way we couldn’t have predicted. Today, there is a stronger focus on hygiene to ensure a healthy and safe environment. First and most important is a good hand hygiene. And for people to be able to do a proper hand wash, you as a facility manager have to make sure that sanitary facilities are user-friendly, accessible and replenished. You also have to consider the number of people in a room, when and how often to clean and disinfect the surfaces and where you should arrange portable stations with sanitizers. This all together to achieve a high hygiene standard.

    3 ways to secure a high level of hygiene

    When students and employees go back to universities or offices, the conditions will be
    different than before. Careful preparation and guidelines are needed to secure the new
    hygiene standard. Based on our hygiene expertise, we give you our recommendations to
    help you secure a clean and safe environment for your students or employees. Below you
    find three areas where we at Tork can help you to secure a high level of hygiene.

    • Hand hygiene - Make always replenished hand washing stations easily accessible. 
    • Clean surfaces - Assess your cleaning routines and ensure you have the right and relevant frequency of cleaning.
    • Knowledge and support - Inform and encourage your students and staff to achieve a high hygiene standard.

    Download your guide

    Below you´ll find useful guides including recommendations for dispenser placement, checklists for cleaning and posters of handwashing procedure and hand sanitizing. Ready for you to print and use in your buildings to set a good hygiene standard. 


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