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    EverDriven (ALC Schools)

    Alternative Student Transportation

    We've Launched the District Portal!

    The EverDriven District Portal is your online home for tools and reports from EverDriven. Our District Portal is built using the latest web technologies for quick, easy, and secure access.

    Here is an overview of some of the powerful features of the EverDriven District Portal


    District Trip Tracker (DTT)
    Real-time transportation management platform

    One Portal: All Students
    With District Trip Tracker (DTT), your student transportation management team can now see everything in one place, including current trips, completed trips, and upcoming scheduled trips. This can save time by providing both a comprehensive view of all students as well as allowing you to drill down and see detailed information for a single trip or single student.

    Innovative Multiple Views
    Customize your view to get the information you need:

    • School view will provide your team comprehensive information about current, future, and completed trips for each school in your district. In the morning, you can see all vehicles headed inbound towards a school with corresponding ETAs, students on board, and the driver behind the wheel. In the afternoon, you can see everything in reverse.
    • Map view: see the location of every vehicle on a map – or hide the map and view only the lists of information. It’s all updated automatically and in real time so you can see fresh ETAs for every vehicle and every student.
    • Student view will give your team insights on a single student’s scheduled trips, completed trips and canceled trips, as well as information regarding trips in progress right now.

    Real-Time Trip Tracking
    Because drivers use our proprietary EverDriven mobile app, we receive frequent, real-time GPS tracking of student trips. EverDriven's DTT gives you the same visibility into the location of every vehicle as our own Dispatch center.

    • Auto-updating ETAs: get information about arrival time on any trip, updated in real time based on routes, detours, traffic, construction, and road closures. Our system uses Google Maps, the world leader in real-time route information for best-in-class predictability.
    • Real-time driver & vehicle information: For each student, get information on today’s driver and vehicle. If there is a substitute driver, you’ll see this information immediately.

    Student Information at Your Fingertips
    For each student in your transportation program, you can view essential information:

    • Today’s transportation details
    • Past trips, including completed trips and no shows
    • Future scheduled trips
    • Cancel upcoming future trips (up to 2 hours before the scheduled pickup time) directly from the portal. No need to make a phone call!

    Transportation Request Form (TRF)
    The easiest way to make a request for a new or existing student

    Everything’s Online — paper is history
    With EverDriven’s new online Transportation Request Form (TRF), you’ll never have to fill out forms by hand again. Simply log into the EverDriven District Portal, complete the form, and click submit.

    Built to save you time and effort
    Customize your view to get the information you need:

    • Look up students to see if we already have them in our system. If so, you don’t need to fill out the entire form. Just update us with the changes.
    • Select the right school location with a single click. No need to type out the complete name or address of the school – we already have that information in our system. (If you’re entering a brand-new school location, you can do that, too).
    • No need to fill in your user details. Since you’re logged into the system, we already have your contact info on file. That’s another 3 form fields you don’t need to complete.
    • Add siblings using the same form so you don’t need to enter the data twice.
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