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    EverDriven (ALC Schools)

    Alternative Student Transportation

    EverDriven's Model For Special Transportation Needs

    The EverDriven's Model meets districts' special transportation needs by coordinating special needs vans/sedans to transport McKinney-Vento, special needs, and out-of-district students, as well as hard-to-serve and multi-district trips.

    By matching the right vehicle with the right trip, districts no longer have to pay for unused capacity. This model also gives districts the ability to expand and contract their fleet to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of these student populations. 

    Reduced Costs

    Today, every dollar counts - especially education dollars. In the budget-strained field of school transportation, the EverDriven's Model allows us to make and verify an exceptionally unique claim: reduced costs and improved service levels.

    In fact, EverDriven can save school districts an average of 20-30%, while never losing sight of each student's individual needs and unique circumstances. This is a claim we can prove and one that seems hard to ignore.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    When it comes to transporting students with special needs, "one size does not fit all". We understand that each student has unique needs that must be accommodated. By ensuring that each student is matched with the appropriate vehicle, and that each vehicle is efficiently routed, EverDriven is able to reduce costs for the school district and help minimize the amount of time each student spends in transit to and from school.

    Not Just Anyone Will Do

    Not just anyone will do when it comes to serving children with special transportation needs. That's why we take great care to make sure that anyone driving your students is fully qualified and capable of addressing each student's unique challenges; and is compassionate and respectful of the children and families you serve.

    Consistency - it's important to your special needs students and it's important to EverDriven. That's why we strive to ensure that each of these students rides with the same driver every day. As a result, the students enjoys more stability, familiarity, security and trust.

    Because we not only match the vehicle but also the driver with the individual needs of each student, drivers view their role as having made a commitment to serving "their" students each and every day.

    Service Assurance

    What matters most to EverDriven is the safety of your students. That's why any vehicle or driver providing service to your students has confirmed that they are fully qualified and have met the following criteria:

    Drivers: EverDriven confirms that drivers have complied with the following, as required by state law or your district:

    • Valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle being driven
    • Valid registration and insurance required for the vehicle
    • Ongoing DMV record review for an indication of safety and driving habits
    • Criminal background check
    • Must test negative on random alcohol/drug screening
    • Completed detailed Contractor/Driver Information Form and in-person meeting and review
    • TB testing
    • Meets all school district requirements
    • Meets other state specific requirements

    Vehicles: EverDriven confirms that vehicles comply with the following as required by state law or by your school district:

    • Current registration
    • Insurance verification
    • Valid vehicle permit
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Meets all district safety, maintenance and cleanliness standards
    • Meets other state specific requirements
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