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    EverDriven (ALC Schools)

    Alternative Student Transportation

    EverDriven provides supplemental student transportation to more than 600 school districts in 27 states across the country. Their two fully staffed dispatch centers, field representatives, and routing and optimization teams coordinate 10,000 trips for special needs, displaced and foster students every day. From the districts' specifications to the details of each child's unique need, EverDriven vehicles and drivers meet federal, state and district regulations, providing safety and consistency for your most vulnerable students. 

    • Special Needs
    • Displaced
    • McKinney-Vento
    • Hard-to-serve trips
    • Out-of-district
    • Multi-district coordination

    EverDriven cares about the safety of your students. With an unlimited fleet of adaptive vehicles including mini-vans, SUV's, and sedans, EverDriven delivers safe, reliable, consistent, and cost-saving supplemental transportation. Drivers and vehicles meet federal, state, and district-specific requirements along with EverDriven stringent training and on-going compliance. Consistency is important to a special need's child, and it's important to EverDriven. That's why we strive to ensure that every student rides with the same driver every day. This solution increases the comfort level of the student, providing them stability, familiarity, security, trust and a better day in the classroom. 

    To learn more, visit www.everdriven.com 

    Who is Transporting Your Students?

    Because we not only match the vehicle, but also the driver with the individual needs of the student, drivers view their role as having made a commitment to serving "their" students each and every day. The result: students spend more days in the classroom, providing them and their parents stability, familiarity, security and trust.

    EverDriven cares about the safety of your student. That's why we confirm that any driver providing service has complied with the following, as required by state law or your district:

    • Valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle type, registration and insurance
    • Ongoing DMV record review for driver safety
    • Criminal background check
    • Enrolled in a random drug & alcohol testing program
    • Meets all other state/district-specific requirements

    How Will Vehicles & Drivers Be Identified?

    The vehicles transporting your students will be identified with a placard on the dashboard. Each driver will have a photo ID badge stating that they are a subcontracted transportation provider for your district.

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