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    Examity Inc.

    Proctoring Solutions

    Online proctoring, on your terms.

    Examity is one of the world’s leading solutions for online proctoring. We work with colleges, universities, employers, and certification providers to create secure, high-quality assessment experiences.

    Examity and OMNIA Partners together deliver public agencies cost-efficient solutions that empower digital learning. The Examity cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners brings a variety of live and automated proctoring solutions to educational institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about the contracting process.

    Why Examity?

    Flexible and Easy
    When it comes to test integrity, our clients have their own ideas. Rather than offer just one proctoring style, Examity’s platform allows clients to select the level that best fits their needs, from automated through to live.

    Examity can be implemented with any test delivery platform and LMS. Our simple and straightforward approach includes single sign-on for all users, presenting a seamless experience for test-takers, instructors, and administrators.

    Monitoring millions of exams a year means we must stay ahead of violation trends. Our solution is constantly evolving to reflect technology and industry advancements.

    From completion rates to violation reports and video files, our comprehensive dashboard gives you immediate access to all the information, allowing you to quickly assess, and address, aberrant behavior.

    We recognize that exam day can sometimes feel overwhelming. With this in mind, we maintain a robust support structure to address any and all concerns for both administrators and test-takers. Support is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via online chat, email, and phone.