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    Examity Inc.

    Proctoring Solutions

    Examity was founded to meet the needs of assessment providers, colleges, and employers looking to protect test integrity. Since 2013, we have partnered with hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide cost-effective and flexible online proctoring solutions:

    Higher Education

    As the number of online classes and degree programs increase, educators must wrestle with the challenge of maintaining exam and institutional integrity. That’s where Examity comes in.

    Examity’s multimodal solution allows higher education institutions to select the appropriate level of security for each unique situation. We provide support 24/7 to both test administrators and exam takers to ensure a seamless test taking process.


    Test-takers no longer need to travel to a physical testing location to take an exam. To stay competitive, organizations have changed focus to more convenient and cost-effective test integrity solutions. 

    Examity offers a comprehensive online proctoring solution. Our sophisticated technology, platform integration, and enterprise-level support are ideal for certification and licensure programs.


    Today’s competitive employment market requires companies to act quickly and decisively. More and more, companies are turning to online assessment programs to validate prospective employees. But how can you ensure that the person taking the exam is, in fact, the person applying for the job? Enter Examity. 

    Examity’s multi-modal ID verification and online proctoring solution is ideal for organizations looking to support a diverse and widespread talent base. Sophisticated technology, comprehensive platform integration, and around the clock support set us apart from the competition.

    Standardized Testing

    As the number of online classes increases, educators have had to wrestle more with the challenge of maintaining exam and institutional integrity. Your needs, as well as the strict standards regulated by industry authorities, demand a flexible, and secure, solution. 

    To meet this demand, Examity is now working with a number of standardized testing providers to provide a scalable and cost-effective ID verification and online proctoring solution. Sophisticated technology, robust account management, and around the clock support set Examity apart. Today, Examity is resetting expectations on how, and where, exams are administered.