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    The Quick Modules Solution for Over-The-Counter Payments
    Quick Modules Cashier is based on the latest technology allowing your operators to speed through transactions reducing customer wait time. If the customer has a coupon or form, the operator simply drops the document into the scanner and Quick Modules Cashier’s recognition technology will capture relevant data and automatically populate the fields on the screen. Checks are scanned capturing the amount automatically. All forms of payments including cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted. Once balanced, the transaction is added to the Quick Modules Workflow for further processing and checks are queued for Check21 Deposit.

    Quick Modules Cashiering is a full-featured cashiering system designed to receive and process over-the-counter payments.  Payments are processed using Quick Modules business rules and added to the Quick Modules workflow for integration with mail-in and electronic payments.

    Quick Modules Cashier Features Includes:

    • Designed and developed by Fairfax Imaging. No integration or support delays due to third-party cashiering software.
    • Workstations are web-based allowing easy deployment to multiple locations
    • Designed for ease-of-use, cashiering screens are compatible with touch-screen monitors. Entries can also be completed from the keyboard.
    • Screens, receipt layout, and receipt logos are customized for each location with point-and-click ease.
    • Recognition is provided by the scanning device as well as software within Quick Modules
    • Supporting documents can be scanned as an attachment to the transaction
    • Safe and secure with data encryption and compliance with the latest industry security standards

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