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    The “Power of One” is illustrated by the Quick Modules 5.0 system – One Solution, One Workflow, One Provider. The latest version of our Quick Modules system is fast, reliable, and simple to manage. It represents the latest in innovation and design for the total information capture solution known worldwide for over 20 years as Quick Modules.

    The new architecture implemented with QM 5.0 includes features designed to increase productivity and efficiency while at the same time, reducing the resources required to process transactions. Based upon thin client architecture, QM 5.0 offers a robust environment for processing virtually any transaction type whether paper or electronic. QM 5.0 continues Fairfax Imaging’s highly successful approach of providing a common workflow, single architecture platform to reduce costs and provide a consolidated environment to address client’s needs.

    QM 5.0 provides transaction as well as batch based processing. Business rules are easily implemented to address specific needs and to personalize the operation of the system. Through the use of Quick Modules Studio (QMS), the Administrator has a palette of tools available with which to create new document processing workflows, edit existing workflows, test workflows before they are in production, and deploy specific business rules – all in one location. This centralized location for creation and editing speeds up the process of defining and managing criteria for the system.

    Through its thin client architecture, applications can be deployed centrally as well as in a virtual environment allowing Fairfax Imaging clients the ability to deploy solutions in the cloud to reduce costs. By using a common Web browser for user access, the layout and functionality is familiar to users, thus lessening the learning curve with the new QM 5.0 version. Fairfax Imaging incorporated feedback from its customers about screen design, ease of use, and interface features to make QM 5.0 extremely user-friendly, yet powerful.

    QM 5.0 has been developed using the latest techniques and tools available for efficient handling of image recognition, remittance processing, database management, fax processing, and includes Check 21 transmission to and from the financial institution

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