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    Farber Specialty Vehicles is no stranger to performing a complex project and are backed by strong financials, top-notch engineering, talented construction personnel and an elite service department dedicated to world-class service after the sale.

    How we are different:

    Strong Financials
    Farber Specialty Vehicles has been fortunate to stay extremely busy even through recent economic downturns, managing challenging customer-driven production targets and continuing to stock shell inventory to decrease lead-time.  

    FSV engineers have delivered complex vehicle designs that have led and exceeded industry standards and customer satisfaction. 

    Construction Personnel
    Driving the quality of a Farber vehicle is our talented workforce. Our skilled craftsmen bring years of experience to metalwork, cabinetry and electrical elements of every Farber build. Farber benefits from an extremely high retention rate of some of the most talented workforce in the business and is proud of the work they do.

    Our superior industry reputation in performance, capability, service and price make Farber Specialty Vehicles an unmatched value for our customers.


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    Phone: 800-331-3188

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