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    Proven Safety

    Unlike sheet goods, Beynon Sports’ product won’t harden over time which provides a far more forgiving surface for daily training and long distance competitions.


    Our surfaces were engineered for speed and we can prove it! Beynon Sports’ has more NCAA division I teams than all other companies combined.


    By achieving a full chemical bond to the receiving surface Beynon Sports’ seamless product offers unmatched durability.


    Only Beynon Sports offers an insured warranty with $32 million aggregate coverage, with no deductible, giving our customers absolutely peace of mind for the life of their track & field surface.

    BSS 100:

    The BSS 100 is the cost effective track surface solution for the local schools and communities who are in search of an all-weather track system.

    BSS 200:

    Users get the most out of the BSS 200 running track because it allows for safe, long-term training while providing an excellent surface to meet virtually every level of competition.

    BSS 300:

    Built on more than 30 years of Beynon experience and backed by a five year warranty, this dual durometer system features a polyurethane-bound black rubber base mat, topped with a two-component polyurethane seal coat. The surface is finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane and your choice of Embedded, Encapsulated, or our Hobart texture. The result is a durable, resilient all-weather surface that exceeds IAAF performance standards for athletic tracks.

    BSS 1000:

    Designed by our experienced team of chemists and engineers, the BSS 1000 is the optimal surface for training and competing. The BSS 1000 can be found at some of the world's most prestigious and renowned facilities in your choice of embedded, encapsulated or Hobart textured EPDM granules mixed throughout the top layer to give your athletes total control.

    BSS 1000 ML:

    The BSS 1000ML is an IAAF Certified full pour multilayer track and field surface that offers a comparable construction to competing full pour polyurethane surfaces.

    BSS 2000:

    The Olympic-caliber BSS 2000 is IAAF certified and offers athletes the highest level of control and maximum energy return. It makes training more manageable and allows athletes to compete at their best. Featuring a force reduction layer of butyl rubber and full-depth color Polyurethane, this system is finished with a customized surface texture engineered to meet the intense demands of competition.

    BSS 2000 Resurface:

    The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System is a revolutionary Beynon Sports manufacturing and installation process that restores the appearance and texture of an existing track and field surface, and dramatically enhances the feel under foot. Beynon Sports' BSS 2000 Resurfacing System not only improves aesthetics, but can bring rubber sheet good products and aged two-component polyurethane systems to within IAAF performance parameters.

    BSS 3000:

    Not only is the BSS 3000 best-in-class in terms of performance, but unlike other full pour track surfaces, the BSS 3000 contains no SBR. Extensive R and D efforts and rigorous testing have been combined to deliver this remarkable advancement in track and field surfacing.

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